For the BCITMA, engaging our members through fun events and professional opportunities are only half of the story. Our articles inform, educate and promote the BCITMA to both club members and external audiences.

Check out our blog post under each of the 4 topics :


  • Want to find out about the next event that the BCITMA is hosting? The MA Events section is where you will find all the latest updates. We organize a variety of professional events designed to help you network, gain new experiences and learn from the best in the industry.

    Of course, the BCITMA is not just work and no play. We also have fun social events and exciting getaways to help everyone unwind – everyone needs to relax after a hard day’s work, and the BCITMA is no exception.

    Posts in this category will include everything you need to know about our events: time, location, admission info, and just why you should be excited and sign up right now. Hope to see you there! Read more


  • The MA Insider contains summaries of previous BCITMA events. While events can be a powerful marketing tool, one downside is that they are temporary. All events must inevitably end – crowds will disperse, speakers will leave and the lessons learned will be lost unless special effort is made to preserve them.

    That’s what the MA Insider is for: articles in this section use testimony and photographs to preserve events for later viewing. If you are interested in learning more about previous events – or just need a recap – here is where you’ll find both a figurative and literal snapshot of what happened.

  • The MA-gazine is exactly what it sounds like: a student magazine on an assortment of topics. You will find posts on everything that we care about – and believe that you should too.

    Our authors write about a wide range of topics, from marketing and advertising to career searching and current events. Be prepared to discover something new.Read more

  • The MA Spotlight is, quite literally, all about us. This section contains all the behind-the-scenes information on the BCITMA leadership: the executive board, committee directors and first-year liaisons. You will find articles, interviews and commentary on what it is like to be a leader of one of the largest student clubs on campus.

    Whether you want to know about our backgrounds, our aspirations or what we really think about our jobs, MA Spotlight contains all the inside details. This is also the place for us to acknowledge – shine a spotlight on, so to speak – the work of our amazing members who make this club possible.





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