01 | Gain Experience and Skills
Members of the BCITMA are given the opportunity to gain real life marketing experience  and skills in almost any area of marketing you hope to move into. Experience and skills that you can add to your resume to make you stand out amongst other candidates.

02 | Build Connections, Form Relationships
When you join the BCITMA you’re instantly part of the family. Meet and work with like-minded students and build friendships that endure beyond the school year By joining MA you receive joint membership to the AMA (American Marketing Association) and BCAMA (British Columbia Chapter of the American Marketing Association) which grants you access to networking events, learning opportunities, and the chance to meet industry professionals

03 | Meet Potential Employers    
Have access to workshops, panels, and networking events to meet industry professionals. Join corporate relations and sponsorships committees to work with clients and expand your professional network! 

04 | Make A Difference 
Members have the chance to contribute to their community through the BCITMA’s Community Relations initiatives. Join the Events Committee and participate in planning an event such as a speaker series or charity fashion show.

05 | Travel to New Orleans, Louisiana
Compete and represent BCIT as the top Canadian school in AMA‘s International Collegiate Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana.



One form, one fee, and you get access to all the benefits!

Simply contact our VP of Membership, Lisa Baronit for a registration form or download it from here and submit your application in person to Lisa.

The fee is $80, which can be payable by cheque or cash. Cheques can be made out to “The BCIT Marketing Association”. With this fee you will receive a one year membership, free access to almost all BCITMA events, workshops and awesome swag!