•  E V E N T S  •

The Events committee gathers to bring MA events to life. The committee strategizes, plans, implements, and executes social, fundraising, and professional events. The Events committee gives students opportunities to explore different aspects of event planning, as well being part of a team that works collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

Committee Meeting Times: TBD

  • The position of being Director of Internal Events mainly entails working closely with me for achieving success in events catered for BCITMA members. The main mission of these events is to build a better sense of the BCITMA community and also provide an outlet for everyone to share stories, progress and insights for one another.

  • The position of being Director of External Events will focus on assisting the VP for events catered for a vast audience. This mainly entails fundraisers and building club awareness. Majority of events will fall under this category. This role will require intensive planning and collaboration with many different people.