•  C O M M U N I T Y  R E L A T I O N S •

The BCITMA exists as part of a larger community; the Community Relations committee is all about giving back to these communities. This committee supports the causes that impact people personally, on the issues that they care about. Community relations is about making a difference for those around you – we do not require a significant commitment, just passion, creativity and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others.

Committee Meeting Times: Thursday 4:30pm – 5:30pm

  • The director of Community Relations will work alongside the VP to assist with managing the committees’ initiatives and members. In this position you will:

    • help the VP to lead and organize committee meetings
    • create and plan events to impact the greater community
    • develop leadership, communication, organization, and marketing skills.


  • Each year BCITMA teams up with a local non-profit Dress for Success and hosts a workshop for their members. Dress for Success is a national organization that focuses on developing the skills of disadvantaged women to allow them to thrive in the workforce. Community relations host’s two workshops throughout the year, typically at the downtown campus, teaching the ladies how to make, use, and optimize LinkedIn. While past PowerPoint presentations are available, the director will be responsible for ensuring it is complete, delegating roles to a sub-committee of people, and managing the logistics. All contact information regarding Dress for Success and booking rooms will be provided. This role helps develop presentation skills that will be required all throughout first and second year.

  • High School Outreach is a program run by the committee that develops a one day workshop for a local high school. The topic of this workshop is professional development and typically includes mentoring students and teaching skills required by industry. For example, it may be a workshop on developing resume, interview and cover-letter writing skills. The director will choose a high school of their choice, typically it has been one that they attended, and manage a committee of people that will take part in the workshop. Other responsibilities include delegating roles for the workshop and communicating with the school to set up logistics. The director will manage a small sub-committee.


Community Relations

Hilary Levy