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Ads & Promo

The Ads and Promo committee help showcase and promote MA events and the individuals behind them. Ads and Promo members work together, and with other committees, to promote the MA’s ideals of connect, create, captivate.



The Communications Committee is all things communications – internal, external and writing. They create the creative content for the BCITMA – this includes articles on the MA website, social media posts, monthly newsletter and promotions. With such a large student body and with numerous committees within the BCITMA, communication is essential for everybody to work cohesively as a unit and to continuously link everyone together.


Community Relations

The BCITMA exists as part of a larger community; the Community Relations committee is all about giving back to these communities. This committee supports the causes that impact people personally, on the issues that they care about. Community relations is about making a difference for those around you – we do not require a significant commitment, just passion, creativity and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others.


Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations team provides hands-on marketing experiences for students to assist in their career development. With the guidance of faculty and peers, the committee works towards completing a consulting project for client companies. Members will gain skills in professionalism and proficiency to help prepare for prospective careers.


Digital Media

The Digital Media committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the BCITMA’s online presence, including the website and social media platforms. This committee works collaboratively and employ marketing strategies to increase the engagement and exposure of the MA. Through this committee, you will be able to gain applicable digital marketing skills as well as experience in social media management.



The Events committee gathers to bring MA events to life. The committee strategizes, plans, implements, and executes social, fundraising, and professional events. The Events committee gives students opportunities to explore different aspects of event planning, as well being part of a team that works collaboratively to achieve a common goal.



The VP of Finance acts as the club’s treasurer and is one of the central pieces of the club’s executive board. Communication is key with all other members to allocate funds in the most effective manner. This position is responsible for a wide range of activities, including collecting membership dues and funds from events, making bank deposits, writing cheques, processing member reimbursements, and preparing budgets and club funding applications.


Intergrated Marketing

The Intergrated Marketing Committee is responsible for two major events. Marketing Week is a weeklong series filled with on-campus speaker events, an industry tour, and a networking event. This is an amazing series that allows students to develop their skills, learn the latest tips and trends in the marketing world, and meet industry professionals. Regionals is a large-scale business conference held at the BCIT’s downtown campus. This day is filled with impressive speakers, competitions, professional headshots and major networking. Both Marketing Week and the Regionals are widely recognized at the AMA International Collegiate Conference held in New Orleans.



The VP of Membership is in charge of all of the logistics that go into signing-up members and keeping track of their participation for the year. This position is front-end heavy with many of the membership tasks carried out at the beginning of the school year during crucial recruiting periods. Throughout the year, administrative duties become the main focus and staying organized is a must. 


Professional Development

The Professional Development committee is responsible for connecting marketing students with industry professionals.  One of the major events our committee is responsible for is Schmoozapalooza. Schmoozapalooza provides students with the opportunity to connect with potential internship sponsors.  Students in this committee will also organize a speaker series and media panel which will give students further insight into the world of marketing.  Being part of the Professional Development team will allow students to expand their professional network and prepare themselves for future employment.



Sponsorship is the perfect committee for any student looking to further their people and business to business sales skills. The committee is sales-focused and will help you learn or perfect all areas of the sales process. Sponsorship also provides endless networking opportunities to other students, businesses, and teachers. Whether you are in the sales program or not, sponsorship will help you develop essential sales and communication skills for any area of a successful career.


Case Study Team


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